Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 11 Apr 1969 FI- (5.5)


Cover by Frank Springer and Barry Smith

The 1st Million Megaton Explosion

Script:Gary Friedrich (plot, dialogue); Frank Springer (plot)
Pencils:Frank Springer
Inks:Mike Esposito (uncredited)
Letters:Irving Watanabe (uncredited)

Characters:Nick Fury; Laura Brown; Rick Jefferson; David Kies; Flowers Barton; Jake Cooley; Hate-Monger [unknown]; Dum Dum Dugan; Jimmy Woo; Gabe Jones; Ed Sullivan; President Lyndon B. Johnson
Synopsis:Against his will, Laura Brown drags Fury to a disco in the East Village to see "The Million Megaton Explosion", who she calls "the hottest new group on the scene". But high in orbit, monitoring the "scene", The Hate-Monger uses his hate-ray to begin a riot, setting young against old! Fury barely escapes with his life with Laura, then hi-tails it to the Heli-Carrier. The hate rays continue to pour forth, and gangs of youths sieze power in NYC and at an ICBM base in New Jersey! They plan to "wipe out the establishment" if the country isn't turned over to them. Conferring with the President, Fury asks for a space capsule at Cape Kennedy so he can knock out the Hate-Monger's threat. Once more entirely on his own, Fury invades the orbiting space station, and confronts the Nazi villain face-to-face. After a quick battle, the Hate-Monger, trying to escape, accidentally steps out the "escape hatch"-- into space! Fury wrecks the hate-rays, everything returns to normal, and back at his pad, Fury puts on some Benny Goodman for him & Laura to jitterbug to.


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